Andrei Marian out of the box silver shaker

Silver Shaker, Romania


With a background in psychology studies, Andrei has interacted with the hospitality industry back in London and you can see his love for gastronomy and art shining through his work.

Running and setting up some of the best venues in the cocktail capital of the world to name a few, Lima Restaurant, Four Sister Bars, 5CC Bars, Mark’s Bar at Hix Soho and Oscar Bar & Restaurant at Charlotte Street Hotel.

He founded Silver Shaker after working on several projects back in the U.K. and saw a niche for an expert hospitality consultancy, bringing together concept creation, menu creativeness, and operational nouns.

Gareth Franklin out of the box keynote speaker 2022

Luxardo Global Brand Ambassador


Gareth Franklin AKA Mister G served his first drink nearly 25 years ago. It was a generic beer in a bad pub but hey, you gotta start somewhere!

Since then he has been mixing up better drinks in better bars around the world mostly in Australia and his home country England gaining a reputation for quality drinks, first-class, training,, and being ‘that guy’ who knows everything about liqueurs.

For the past 6 years, he has been traveling the world as Luxardo Global Ambassador, spreading the Luxardo love and trying to elevate the liqueur category to new heights.

G’s trainings are more than a masterclass, they are a journey through 200years of cocktail and Luxardo family history while showcasing the finest Italian liqueurs.

“One of the best brand trainings I have ever been to!”- Aaron Wall- Manager Owner Homeboy Bars, London

Harry Sewells

Little Bat, London


Harry has worked in London bars for the last 14 years, from Satan’s Whiskers where he gained a solid foundation in classics both modern and old, to the Zetter Townhouse which was more process and technique based. You will currently find him behind the stick at Little Bat in Islington. 

Harry is also a musician and producer. He continues to develop his interest and curiosity in flavor, scent, art and design.

Konstantinos Kotsis

Silver Shaker, Athens

Konstantinos KOTSIS

Since 2008, Konstantinos provide services in bespoke design solutions, construction, and supervision of hotels, bars, and restaurants.

With a background as a Beverage Manager, he has run some of the best venues in London including Coya, Novikov, and The Maine in Mayfair.

Mugur Ciumageanu

Clinical Psychology & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Mugur is a punk-rock psychologist and psychotherapist, mixing together neurosciences, psychiatry and cognitive therapy, mindfulness meditation, and training, in order to facilitate controlled awakenings from the existential auto-pilot.

He is specialized in Clinical Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Currently, he is a senior supervisor and trainer in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at the Romanian Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (member of the European Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies), and member of the faculty, Associate Professor, at the West University of Timișoara, Psychology Department, clinical psychology and psychopathology chair.

Alex Handrea

Silver Shaker Specialist - Executive Chef


When it comes to cooking Alex can be best described as an unconventional, bold, and meticulous chef. Combining flavors with local tastes and seasonal ingredients he completes a dish that would satisfy even the most pretentious customer.

He currently runs the kitchen program at the well-established Vinto in Timisoara.

Leo Surovecs

China Tang at The Dorchester Hotel, London


Leo moved to London more than 15 years ago and worked in venues such as “The Hospital Club” members club, owned by Paul Allan & Dave Stuart, and the 5CC speakeasy bar in Shoreditch.

Currently he’s running the show at the well known China Tang at the Dorchester Hotel, famous for Asian style cocktails and the best Cantonese food in London.


Leonardo Ripa

Il Marchese, Rome

Leonardo RIPA

After a few years spent in London, Leonardo has decided to move to Rome.

He’s currently running the beverage program at the first and the largest amaro bar in Europe, currently stocking more than 500 labels of amari. 

Stefano Salvato

Distillati in Miscela, Rome


Stefano always wanted to own and run his own bar. The journey started almost 10 years ago in hospitality when he moved to London and worked his way up from junior bartender at The Four Sisters Bar in Islington, to head bartender at Urban Tea Rooms and manager at Spiritland.

He currently owns and runs 2 cocktail bars in Rome.

Adrian Gal out of the box 2022 doua boabe

Doua Boabe, Romania

Adrian GAL

Prajitoria Doua Boabe appeared from the passion for everything that stands for the world of coffee – including its roasting, being directly responsible for having a lot of knowledge in this field from the installation of coffee machines, adjustment and everything related to their maintenance in order to have a perfect coffee extraction.

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