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Silver Shaker has been founded by Andrei Marian after working on several projects back in the U.K. and saw a niche for an expert hospitality consultancy, bringing together concept creation, menu creativeness, and operational nouns.

The team has a wide experience in the hospitality industry with vast knowledge in setting up new businesses, finances and inventory, staff training, menu development, venue reorganization and optimization, and quality assurance.

We work closely with suppliers, farmers, and wine and spirit producers in order to bring the best products to life.

Our Consultants & Experts

Silver Shaker’s mission is to help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their business performance and to build a healthy working environment that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people




Concept Creation, Product Development, Front Of House (FOH)- Implementation Of Procedures, Training, Menu Creation

With a background in psychology studies, Andrei has interacted with the hospitality industry back in London and you can see his love for gastronomy and art shining through his work.

Running and setting up some of the best venues in the cocktail capital of the world, his list includes Michelin star restaurants, 5-star boutique hotels, speakeasy bars, and pop-up events.



Executive Chef

Back Of House (BOH) – Implementation Of Procedures, Training, Menu Creation

When it comes to cooking Alex can be best described as an unconventional, bold, and meticulous chef. Combining flavors with local tastes and seasonal ingredients he completes a dish that would satisfy even the most pretentious customer.

Ambitious and always curious he reinvents himself every time he has the opportunity, re-using ingredients in different and well-designed dishes which are beautifully presented.



3D Rendering

Products or environments photorealistic computer generated imagery

Diana is an interior designer with an international background. From 2010 to 2021 she lived In Porto, where she worked as an interior designer. Her work included various sectors, from residential, corporate, and retail to exhibition booth design both for national and international clients. Currently, she specializes in providing 3d simulations and rendering for interior and product design. Her passion, attention to detail, and willingness to push boundaries make her eager to deliver cutting-edge foto realistic images that allow people to see what they envision in digital form before it is touchable in real life.




Custom Station Design

Since 2008, Konstantinos provide services in bespoke design solutions, construction, and supervision of hotels, Bars & Restaurants.

With a background as a Beverage Manager running some of the best venues in London including Coya Mayfair | Novikov | The Maine Mayfair.

Denis & Mia

Denis & Mia


Venue Presentation, Food & Drink Styling

Sharpshooter Productions delivers professional video and photo services to clients across various industries and businesses. It showcases artists, talent, and products for a wide range of outlets and platforms from social media to traditional Film and Broadcast. The company was founded by Denis and Mia in London, the UK before establishing a studio in Timisoara, Romania.



Strategic Marketing

Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Event Management

Whether you need a website or want to develop an online marketing strategy to drive more qualified visitors to your business, convert those visitors into leads and sales, better understand your customers, and ultimately grow your business, Diana can help you to sharpen your competitive edge.


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