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We’re thrilled to announce the opening of Silver Shaker Bar in the heart of Timisoara! With a focus on quality, creativity, and hospitality, Silver Shaker is poised to be the go-to spot for cocktail enthusiasts and nightlife aficionados alike.

Led by owner Andrei Marian and a talented team of mixologists and chefs, Silver Shaker is dedicated to crafting the perfect drink and culinary experience for each guest.

From classic cocktails to innovative creations, our menu is designed to take you on a journey through the latest trends in mixology, with a focus on using only the finest ingredients. We can’t wait to welcome you to Silver Shaker Bar!

Are you looking to open a business within the hospitality sector or improve your current one? Then look no more.
Silver Shaker offers solutions to the current businesses or to the upcoming ones.
Our team of experts will guide you through the process or set it up from scratch for you.


Industry Events

We organize and run events dedicated to the hospitality sector. Our upcoming event will be announced soon.

Do you have a brand and need assistance in launching it or running an event for you?

Hospitality Consultancy

With vast knowledge in setting up new businesses, finances and inventory, staff training, menu development, venue reorganization & optimization, and quality assurance we help you evolve and transform your business into a functional and profitable one.



Often the most challenging of circumstances is what will bring out the best in any project. Working with limited resources in Sri Lanka, Silver Shaker managed to bring out the best in the raw ingredients available to us, introducing techniques and delivering a finished final product.

Andrei offered tailor-made solutions and ideas to take forward the drinks program that was in place and gave a 360-degree training initiative that went way beyond just the menu and final product. Furthermore, the flexible and humble attitude with which he carried out the consultation with us will leave a lasting impression, not just on the menu here, but also on the business and the team at the heart of it. All of whom have benefited immensely from this epic consultation.

Don Ranasinghe

Co-Owner, Smoke & Bitters